Verdure Flora Academy

Verdure Flora Academy, the 1st Professional Skill Base Development Academy of Handicraft and Expertise collaboration with Professional Academy, Lincoln University College to provide the lifestyle skill professional certificate with international recognition.

After countless clinical research and practice, Verdure Flora launched on June 2020, to promote naturally inspired personal care and green living lifestyle. Green living is a lifestyle. Basically, it’s making choices that conserve and preserve the Earth’s natural resources and habitats. Those choices may not be the popular choices among those you know, but they’re the environmentally ethical, eco-friendly choices. We encourage sustainable production, to educate consumers to know the ingredients of every personal care that are using daily and to reduce manufacturing packaging waste.

Our concept has been recognized and supported by the public and developed rapidly in the past two years. We were transformed from a workshop to a skill base professional academy to collaborate with Lincoln University College as training partner to provide Internationally recognized Professional Certificate.

Lincoln Professional Academy

Lincoln Professional Development Academy is the leading academy that provides a variety of Professional Training Courses under the supervision of Lincoln University Malaysia. All the Courses & Training are of Professional and Vocational in nature and provide the learner’s professional skills and knowledge for a specific discipline.

Lincoln Professional Development Academy offers a flexible, accessible prestigious Professional Course & Professional Training, Skills Enhancement Training to help you reach your set target occupation. Employability Enhancement Theme Professional Training Courses are also offered by Lincoln Professional Development Academy to develop the professional career of employees.

Skills Enhancement Training Courses are specially designed to enhance the Professional Skill of candidates / Learners on their workplace to get the new direction of development.

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Verdure Flora Academy all tutors group photo at Lincoln signing ceremony