Aromatherapy plays a crucial role in enhancing maternal and infant care by offering natural and holistic support for physical and emotional well-being.

Module 1 – Introduction to Aromatherapy andMaternal-Infant Wellness

  • Understanding the principles of aromatherapy
  • Overview of the physiological and psychological aspects of maternity and infant care

Module 2 – Essential Oils and Carrier Oils for Maternal, Infant and Child Use

  • In-depth exploration of safe essential oils for pregnancy and lactation.
  • Understanding carrier oils and their applications for maternal, infant and child massage.

Module 3 – Aromatherapy for Pregnancy

  • Addressing common discomforts during pregnancy.
  • Creating safe and effective aromatherapy blends for different trimester.

Module 4 – Aromatherapy for Labor and Birth

  • Supporting the birthing process with aromatherapy.
  • Creating calming and energizing blends fo labor.

Module 5 – Postpartum Aromatherapy Care

  • Aromatherapy for postpartum recovery and healing.
  • Emotional and hormonal support for new mothers.

Module 6 – Lactation Solutions

  • Enhancing breast health and milk production
  • Supportive solution for lactation
  • Application methods

Module 7 – Aromatherapy for Infant and Children

  • Safe essential oils for infant and children
  • Safety & contraindications

Module 8 – Aromatherapy for Common Infant and Child Concerns

  • Addressing issues like colic, teething, and sleep disturbances.
  • Creating customized blends for specific infant and child concerns.

Module 9 – Aromatherapy Workshops and Demonstrations

  • Live demonstrations of aromatherapy massage techniques for infant
  • Creating personalized massage oils and baby care products
  • Q&A sessions for troubleshooting and guidance

Module 10 – Business and Ethical Considerations

  • Professional standards in aromatherapy practice.
  • Ethical considerations when working with pregnant clients and infants
  • Marketing strategies for aromatherapists in maternal-infant care.

Hands On Practical Workshop

  • Stretch Mark Prevent Balm
  • Postpartum Firming Treatment Oil
  • Baby Caressing Massage Oil
  • Baby Diaper Rash Cream
  • Baby Lotion