Sound healing therapy is one of the top wellness trends now. It has been practiced for thousands of years to realign the body’s vibration, improve mental health issues and emotional wellbeing.

Through sound healing professional training course, practitioners learn how to use toning, chanting or vibrations from the voice or instruments to stimulate self-healing in clients.

From relaxation to reduced pain, music and sound healing can help people of all ages achieve better health and wellness.

Class Duration : 8 weeks course (once a week, 3 hours per day)


  • Introduction of sound healing
  • Understanding of energy and chakra
  • Self-healing from 1 to 7 bowl
  • Sound bath
  • Business plan

Module 1

Understand the origins and principles of Sound Healing

  • Understanding basic knowledge of sound healing
  • History of sound healing
  • Instruments includes

Module 2

Soul-aligned journey of sound healing and heart-centered expansion

  • Understanding of energy and chakra
  • How chakra effect body and mind
  • Blockage of chakra

Module 3

Skill for holding space for 1 to 1 & group sound sessions

  • Self-healing from 1 bowl to 7 bowl
  • Sound bath
  • Course work
  • Giving free experience workshop to public to gain more experience and feedback on skill developmentr

Module 4

  • Social media
  • Photography & content
  • Branding
  • Marketing strategy
  • Pricing
  • Client engagement