Candles are a daily life in European and American countries. Many people have several candles in their homes, some with different shapes and some with aroma.
Today, electric lights have replaced candles, and it has also transformed from the main life to the embellishment of the daily atmosphere, and even become synonymous with healing, stress reduction, and relaxation.

This Professional Certificate in Artisan Candle Master covers the fundamentals of candle making such as wax types, wicks, safety measures, molding techniques, and product formulation. It also teaches various arts such as flora and dessert arts, as well as scent blending, color experimentation, container, and additive information. In addition, the course provides guidance on business start-up planning, finding supplies and equipment, marketing techniques, and creating a successful candle-making business.

Class Duration : Estimated 3 day (21-24 hours)

Module 1

  • Type of Candles
  • Type of Waxes
  • Type of Wicks
  • Type of Dye
  • Type of Scent

Module 2

  • Equipment for candle production
  • Basic skill

Module 3 Beginner Candle Making

  • Message Candle
  • Flora and Herb Container Candle
  • Tea Light Candle
  • Aroma Wax Sachet
  • Pressed Flower Pillar Candle
  • Snow Flake Pillar Candle
  • Gel Candle Holder

Module 4 Intermediate Candle Making

  • Ice Candle
  • Cloud Candle
  • Lava Candle
  • Macaron Candle
  • Stone Candle
  • Hurricane Candle Holder
  • Cinnamon Candle

Module 5 Advance Candle Making

  • Marble Candle
  • Sparkling Drinks Candle
  • Latte Candle
  • Water color Candle
  • Ebru Candle
  • Ice cream Candle
  • Cactus candle

Module 6

1. Business Plan

  • Marketing Research and Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Pricing and Sales Forecast
  • Operational Plan
  • Start-up Expenses and Basic Funds
  • Financial Plan
  • Improvement Plan

2. Product Photography Shooting Techniques