Juniper Berry-Cypress-Cedarwood


Juniper Berry-Cypress-Cedarwood


We all love the fresh smells of the forest-the aroma of  cedar, juniper, and cypress. And the rich, spicy exotic aromas of sandalwood and cinnamon can transport us away to happy memories and a peaceful calm! Our essential oils in the Woody family have a lot in common.

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A gentle lotion formulated from the distillation of nature’s purest dew and infused with our signature aromatherapy essential oils. Perfect for soothing sensitive skin while keeping skin supple and hydrated. A natural remedy for sun-kissed skin or simply for driving away Monday blues.

DIRECTIONS : This refreshing infused mist is perfect for an instant, uplifting, hydrating and soothing. To be used whenever you need a perk-me-up.

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100ml, 50ml


Witch hazel, Vitamin C, Juniper communis (Juniper berry), Cupressus semperviren (Cypress), Cedrus atlantica (Cedarwood), Citrus aurantium (Petitgrain).

The organically prepared Steam distilled water of fresh plant material like petals, roots, stems, buds, bark and leaves is also known as hydrosol. This is produced through the steam distillation method.

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