Vaginitis Treatment with the most Natural Ways

Malaysia weather is always sultry and hot, causing some ladies have an unspeakable itch, vaginal pruritus. I have tried a lot of products on the market for the past 15 years, but it can’t be completely cured until I study about aromatherapy.

Do you know that pure natural essential oils can also solve the “itch” problem?

Virginia itching or vaginitis is actually a very common gynecological problem. No matter if you have had a baby or not, you may be infected even if you have not had sex. The common vaginitis are Candidal vulvovaginitis, Bacterial vaginosis and Trichomoniasis vaginitis.

To prevent annoying vaginitis, you should maintain your body’s resistance and keep your genitals dry and clean.

✅ Wipe from front to back after going to the toilet to avoid bringing bacteria from the anus to the genitals.

✅ Do not lavage the vagina to avoid washing away lactic acid bacteria.

✅ Avoid bathing during infection, use shower as much as possible, if secretion increases, use warm water bidet.

✅ Try to keep the genitals as dry and breathable as possible, for example, you can wear breathable cotton underwear.

✅ Regular work and rest, balanced diet, enhance immunity.

✅ Use condoms correctly.

If your sister is still infected with vaginitis, in addition to taking medicine or using a private soothing spray available on the market (not necessarily effective), essential oils can actually have a soothing or root-breaking effect. If you want to know more, please contact us privately, we will guide you step by step how to improve. The simplest material and the most natural care

馬來西亞的炎熱天氣,悶悶熱熱的,導致很多妹妹們都有難以啟齒的“癢” !



跟據臨床試驗,小編根據他們的方法,已經 #徹底根治了


妹妹癢或陰道炎其實是很常見的婦科問題, 不管是生過孩子還是沒生過, 即使沒有發生過性行為也可能會被感染。 常見的陰道炎分別為念珠菌陰道炎, 細菌性陰道炎和滴蟲感染陰道炎。


✅ 如廁後應由前往後擦拭,以免將肛門的細菌帶往陰部

✅ 勿灌洗陰道,以免沖走乳酸菌

✅ 感染期間避免泡澡,盡量使用淋浴,如分泌物增多可使用溫水坐浴

✅ 盡量保持陰部乾爽透氣,例如可穿著棉質透氣內褲

✅ 作息規律、均衡飲食,提升免疫力

✅ 正確使用保險套

如果你妹妹還是感染了陰道炎, 除了吃藥或使用市面上能買到的私密舒緩噴霧 (也不一定有效), 精油其實也能起到舒緩或斷根的療效。 如果妳想要了解更多, 請私下聯繫我們, 我們會一步步的指引你如何改善