Relief Stress Roller

Relief Stress Roller


Vitis vinifera (Grapeseed), Lavendula angustifolia (Lavender), Citrus bergamia (Bergamot), Chamaemelum nobile (Chamomile), Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium)

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Experience a moment of tranquility and relief with our “RELIEF STRESS Roller.” This harmonious blend combines the soothing properties of grapeseed oil with the calming essence of lavender, the uplifting notes of bergamot, the gentle touch of chamomile, and the balancing aroma of geranium. Thoughtfully formulated to alleviate stress and promote a sense of calm, this roller is your natural companion in finding balance amidst life’s demands.


Directions for Use:
Apply the roller directly onto your pulse points, such as your wrists, temples, and the back of your neck. Inhale deeply as the calming blend envelops your senses. For enhanced relaxation, gently massage your pulse points after applying the roller.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 8.5 cm


Shelf Life

1 Year




Storage: Avoid direct sunlight, store at room temperature.

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