Me-Time Workshop

Me-Time Workshop


Welcome to your “Me-Time space”~
Only available during weekday..

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Handcraft, to meet a better self, enjoy the quiet time of healing…

When you need a space to get yourself into the handcraft atmosphere;
When you need perfect tools and materials to make practices;
You can come to us!

Self-service DIY process (No tutorial)

  • No professional instructor guidance
  • Only 1~2 assistants to assist
  • Safety Instructions: How to Use Tools and Materials


We provide soap and candle making tools.


You can bring your own ingredients, or you may purchase from us.


Please keep the place clean after use, or a RM20 cleaning fees will be charge.

Finished products

  • Soap Making:
    • Bring your own mold to bring back the finished production after making.
    • Or, we will arrange to demold and send the soap to your address, or self-collect after 2 days.
  • Candle Making:
    • Bring your own candle container, or purchase from us.


  • First Hour RM30
  • Subsequence hour RM20
  • Charge to anyone who enter the workshop
  • Me-Time Workshop only available during Weekday (Monday to Friday, 11am to 6pm)
    **For other time, please contact 0104280557.

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